Copper Creek FAQ - What are the different lot types?

Copper Creek FAQ - What are the different lot types?

What are the different lot types at Copper Creek Communities. Our homes designed first and foremost for people, rather than cars. In each community you’ll find beautifully manicured parks and gardens, surrounded by charming craftsman style homes.

The Primrose - Video Tour

The Primrose - Video Tour

Welcome to the Primrose video tour:

The Primrose is 2347 SF two story home with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, a standard 2 car garage with an 3 car option in our Vangaurd Series. This Primrose features our Transitional Interior Package which highlights and beige tones.

Watch the video below:

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We're back from the International Builders show.


Our team is back from the International Builders show and ready to hit the ground running. The show started on Sunday and ran through that Thursday. While we were there we were able to interact with some really knowledgeable people! The classes we attended were educationally invigorating, but sometimes what really made the class was the people in them. Individuals from different areas of business were able to offer additional insight into what we were discussing.  We started the show by hearing from the keynote speaker Terry Bradshaw. He was quite the charter and spoke with spunk, enthusiasm, and told some intriguing stories! This show hosted over 80 thousand people and there was hundreds of sessions each day covering a wide variety of building a  sales topics. 

Our game plan for the week was to split up and go to as many classes as we could. Some team members took construction management classes, while some focused more on marketing classes. Every evening we would congregate and discuss what we learned.

Overall the week was such a valuable experience and had us all excited to get home and implement what we learned. 

Copper Creek Builders are here to offer you the customer the best experience and product possible and this show helped sharpen those skills and processes!!

If you see us out and about here in Copper Creek North, ask us about what we found most interesting! 

We're headed to the 2018 International Builders Show.

We're headed to the 2018 International Builders Show.

The Copper Creek team will be attending the 2018 International Builders Show. During this week of intensive training our team will work and interact with leaders of the industry.


While at the show we will learn about new and innovative products and processes. Here at Copper Creek we encourage our team members to always be “adding tools to their tool box”. The more “tools” you have, the more efficient you can be. The great thing about your tool box is that it could have completely different tools than your other team members. Having a team with diversified skills/tools is one thing that contributes to a strong organization. You may ask, well how to I add tools to my tool box? There are various ways, but here at Copper Creek we focus on constant educational pursuit. This happens by keeping up with leading individuals in our industry and learning from what they are doing, as well as reading books in our perspective areas, and attending educational conferences. The team is very excited for the week and be on the look-out for a blog featuring some of the new innovative products that we will be making available for our customers within the coming months!