We're back from the International Builders show.


Our team is back from the International Builders show and ready to hit the ground running. The show started on Sunday and ran through that Thursday. While we were there we were able to interact with some really knowledgeable people! The classes we attended were educationally invigorating, but sometimes what really made the class was the people in them. Individuals from different areas of business were able to offer additional insight into what we were discussing.  We started the show by hearing from the keynote speaker Terry Bradshaw. He was quite the charter and spoke with spunk, enthusiasm, and told some intriguing stories! This show hosted over 80 thousand people and there was hundreds of sessions each day covering a wide variety of building a  sales topics. 

Our game plan for the week was to split up and go to as many classes as we could. Some team members took construction management classes, while some focused more on marketing classes. Every evening we would congregate and discuss what we learned.

Overall the week was such a valuable experience and had us all excited to get home and implement what we learned. 

Copper Creek Builders are here to offer you the customer the best experience and product possible and this show helped sharpen those skills and processes!!

If you see us out and about here in Copper Creek North, ask us about what we found most interesting! 

We're headed to the 2018 International Builders Show.

We're headed to the 2018 International Builders Show.

The Copper Creek team will be attending the 2018 International Builders Show. During this week of intensive training our team will work and interact with leaders of the industry.


While at the show we will learn about new and innovative products and processes. Here at Copper Creek we encourage our team members to always be “adding tools to their tool box”. The more “tools” you have, the more efficient you can be. The great thing about your tool box is that it could have completely different tools than your other team members. Having a team with diversified skills/tools is one thing that contributes to a strong organization. You may ask, well how to I add tools to my tool box? There are various ways, but here at Copper Creek we focus on constant educational pursuit. This happens by keeping up with leading individuals in our industry and learning from what they are doing, as well as reading books in our perspective areas, and attending educational conferences. The team is very excited for the week and be on the look-out for a blog featuring some of the new innovative products that we will be making available for our customers within the coming months!

Part 5 - Naomi and the great tiger...

Part 5 - Naomi and the great tiger...

After a great first afternoon with the Morris family we caught a good night’s sleep for a full day of exploring starting in the morning. We went to Doi Suthep temple that is located about 15 minutes outside of town on the top of a surrounding mountain. After breaking a sweat getting to the temple we took in the beautiful views of the city. It’s moments like these that make you realize how small you are in such a big world. Luckily, we caught this view on a very clear day so we were able to see you surrounding mountains as well as the valley.  After we were done at the temple be headed back home for a traditional Thai lunch. After lunch we decided to go to the local Tiger sanctuary in order to spend some time with some very big cats.  At the sanctuary you have the opportunity to go in the cages with the animals to pet them and interact with them. I’m a thrill-seeker so naturally I wanted to go in the cage with the largest tiger that they had on the property, but because of my height and weight I unfortunately was not able to go into the giant tiger’s cage or even the large tigers cage.  I guess they figured I’d make a tasty tiger snack.  Before we headed to the big cats we spent about half an hour playing with a young tiger who was just under a year-old. He was very playful and very loving, but also quite mischievous. A couple times I caught him nibbling on my leg. He was so small that it didn’t hurt, but give him a few years and that could become a problem. We also got to go into a cage with a male and female lion. These animals are so magnificent and in a cage with them really set in the adrenaline.  After we got our thrills for the day we headed home to an extremely delicious pasta dinner cooked by Nangsar and we went to bed nice and early so we could be ready for our trip to the orphanage Village in the morning.


Part 4 - The adventure at Chang Mai

Part 4 - The adventure at Chang Mai

We arrived in Chang Mai late afternoon and were greeted by Joni and Katherine Morse. My family has known Joni and his family for 10+ years. When my dad was in the ministry he worked closely with Joni and his missions work, but I’ve only had the opportunity to interact with Joni a handful of times. 

image1 2.jpeg

After arriving we hit the ground running. Joni took Katherine (Joni and Nangsar’s daughter), Ashley, and I to a restaurant that looked on the buzzing city streets. The Thai custom is to order family style when going out to eat. The group gets a big dish of rice and then multiple other dishes that are shared among the group. It’s a genius idea because you get to try so much more especially when you are almost clueless when it comes to Thai food! 

After dinner we went to the Sunday walking street. Essentially this is a market that runs down the city and offers everything from souvenirs to food! You will also hear a lot of music, generally you see this from locals who are blind or possibly have some sort of disability. They sing/ play music for tips from people who are passing by. 

Day one in Chaing Mai was a success and I was excited to experience even more in the coming days! 

Part 3 - The plane has landed and the Adventure begins.

Part 3 - The plane has landed and the Adventure begins.

There is something so rewarding arriving to your hotel after 33 hours of traveling! It was now 3 AM and we were calling it a day! I called my family and let them know we made it in safe and sound. 

image1 3.jpeg

Working on the Copper Creek team is amazing because they value travel and see the importance in taking time to develop personally and professionally while being away from home. This makes being away from work much less stressful. 

We woke up bright and early the next morning around 7 AM so we decided to see the city. After finishing a delicious Thai breakfast filled with as much fruit and sticky rice one could eat we caught an Uber and rode about 30 min to The Grand Palace. A beautiful temple filled with intricate details. Our tour guide educated us on the symbols and meanings behind the Buddha statues and practices. Did I mention it was all outdoors and sweltering hot? To top it off my feet were still swollen after the long day of traveling and the heat was not helping. 

One of my travel essentials was my Life Straw water bottle. I could fill it up at the sink and because of the filtration system I didn’t have to worry about contaminated water. This bottle came in especially handy today because I was thirsty all day! 

After one day in Bangkok spent exploring the multitude of street markets and temples we packed up our things and got ready for our flight to Chang Mai in the morning! We were meeting the Morse family there and we would be staying with them and visiting the orphanage in a nearby town. I was so excited and nervous to visit. Nervous because I’ve never visited an orphanage before and I didn’t know how I would react. Only time would tell.