New Home Construction

In Grand Junction, Colorado

Why Buy a New Home?


The pride of owning a new home simply cannot be replicated. Building your own home, that’s uniquely yours, just the way you want it, is a satisfying experience. There are a multitude of reasons for building new. Here are just a few:


Building new offers so much more choice. Select the floor plan that’s just right for you, and choose the design theme that fits your style.


When you build new everything is neat and clean and you don’t have to worry about a previous owner’s toenail clippings in the carpet!


New homes are more energy efficient. Better building standards, new materials and higher rated insulation all contribute to save energy which translates into lower utility bills for you.


With new construction you pick the ideal floorplan and the perfect lot. Whether you want a view, a particular exposure, or a premium lot you get your pick from multiple available home sites to find the one right for you.


Used homes almost never have a warranty.  However, when you build a brand-new Copper Creek Home you can have the added peace of mind of our in-house warranty. Many homebuilders sell their warranty immediately after the closing, leaving it up to a third-party service to maintain the property and handle any issues covered by the warranty. We do it a little bit differently. We keep our warranty in-house. The day you close on your new Copper Creek Home isn't the end, rather it's just the beginning of being part of the Copper Creek family. If anything goes wrong, the same people who built your house come out and fix your house. We stand behind our work and are committed to our customers' satisfaction.


Current building codes will ensure a superior standard of construction compared to a home built 20 or 30 years ago.


Brand-new materials and operating systems in our homes offer high performance and low maintenance. A new home can be operated for 20-30% less than a home built prior to 1980.


Better materials and craftsmanship and adherence to building codes make new homes substantially safer than used homes.


Elimination of any hazardous materials makes new homes healthier, including better indoor air quality that can improve your family’s health.


Older homes typically have much smaller closets and storage spaces than new homes. Check out the many Copper Creek floor plans with walk-in closets and plenty of planned storage areas.


Instead of the older homes with tight hallways and boxy layouts, at Copper Creek Builders we design open floor plans maximizing your livable square footage.


Working with our preferred lenders makes financing a new home a simple and streamlined process. Copper Creek Builders works closely with several preferred lenders so please ask about our preferred lenders and possible incentive programs they offer. 


The greatest appreciation of a home typically occurs in the first five to eight years after its built; take advantage of this accelerated equity in your new home.


Want to learn more about all the advantages of building a brand-new home? Leave us some basic info below and a Copper Creek team member will get back to you shortly.