Frequently Asked Questions of Copper Creek

What is Copper Creek North?



Copper Creek North is a neighborhood consisting of approximately 84 lots, 4 private parks and a walking trail that meanders through the entire neighborhood. The neighborhood will be built in 4 separate phases. Each phase has between 18-25 lots. 

What is the difference between the Vanguard and Parkview Series?

Copper Creek Builders currently offers a total of 10 unique plans,  split into two separate price categories. This is designed to give customers more options and a wider range of pricing. 

The Vanguard Series is for the buyers interested in having all of the upgrades included in one price.  Many of the Vanguard plans can be built with a 3 car garage. The Vanguard plans also have the entire E-Star package and guaranteed HERS ratings from 54-62.  Prices for the Vanguard plans range from $275,000 (approx. 1,600 sqft.) to $400,000 (approx. 2,500sqft.).

The Parkview Series consists of smaller, more economical homes and gives customers the ability to upgrade a broad range of features. The Parkview plans all have rear-loaded garages. This means there are no streets adjoining the front side of a Parkview home, giving residents direct access to park space without having to cross any streets.  Prices for the Parkview plans range from $246,000 (approx. 1450sqft.) to  $300,000 (approx. 2,000sqft.).

What are the Lot sizes?

Lot sizes range from approximately 3,200 square feet to 8,500 square feet.  Each home has easy access to a private park, just steps from the front porch. The park sizes range from ½ acre to ¾ acre in size, giving residents plenty of extra outdoor space to use as their own. 

What are the different Lot Types?
There are two different lot types in Copper Creek North. Traditional lots are for home plans with the garage door on the front side of the house. This means they have street frontage on the front of the home.  These lots have the traditional front, back and side yard setbacks. The second type of lot is referred to as a Zero Lot Line Lot or “ZLL”.   ZLL homes have garage doors that face the back of the house, requiring the streets to be located on the back side of the house as well. The advantage to the ZLL design is that it allows the front of the home to be located directly next to the park space. This makes it safer and easier for residents to get from their home to the park because they don’t have to cross any streets on the way. This also makes the park spaces safer and more quite because the car traffic is directed away from the parks, to the back of each home.

What comes standard?

The standard features very from package to package. We have three different interior options which have been selected by a professional designer: Modern Farmhouse, Transitional, and Contemporary. All packages are no additional cost and are not interchangeable within each other.

Does the price include the Lot Premium?

The price does not include the lot premium. Lot prices differ based on different sizes and locations

Do you have a Listing Agent?

No, we have our own sales team that works with buyers and walks them through the process.

What are the HOA Fees?

Maintenance of the common areas including parks and the community center. Snow removal of the common area sidewalks and surrounding areas.

$28 a month ($336yr.) with a $250 start-up fee

Is Fencing & Landscaping included with the price?

Fencing is included with all of our plans. This covers side and back fencing as well as picket fencing for the Park view plans. We include full landscape for our Park View plans, but we only include landscaping in the front for the Vanguard plans.

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