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Townhome Garage Tour - New Home Construction in Grand Junction

Jul 26, 2021 6:11:00 PM / by Naomi Thayer

We have been receiving a ton of questions about the garages in our townhome project here at Copper Creek. Each of the townhomes has one single-car detached garage. Each of these has a manual button located inside the garage to control the door and the light, and the keypad is located on the outside of the unit. They also come with a remote that is connected to the button so you can open and close the door from a remote location. In the event that the remote gets lost or the power gets turned off, each garage comes with a key that can be used to get inside.

Garage TourThe garages are equipped with laser sensors and a pressure switch to ensure that the garage door does not come down on you, your car, or anything else that could be in the way. The garages are uninsulated but do have a finish to them. There is also one outlet and motion light located in the back of each unit. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 970-985-8247.

Copper Creek Builders, LLC is a land development and construction company, owned and operated by Grand Junction locals Chris and Silas Colman, a father-son team who have been in business together since 2002. They begin each project with raw land in order to design a perfect fit between the homes, streets, and community features. For more information on our current projects please visit our website You can also schedule a visit with Naomi for more details

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Naomi Thayer

Written by Naomi Thayer