Our Home Design process



Getting Started – 1 Week

Building your new home is exciting, especially when you understand how the process works. We’ll begin with a meeting to review your ideas and plans.

  • Contract with all structural options
  • Choose design selections
  • Purchase orders issued
  • Clear and/or rough grading of homesite
  • Buyer conference / Pre-construction meeting


A Solid Foundation – 1-2 Weeks

The foundation is a critical element of the building process, and it must be done correctly to prevent problems further down the road. Inspections from the county building department and a licensed engineer are required at this stage.

  • Excavate, set forms, install rebar and pour foundation
  • Pour garage floor


Framework – 2-3 Weeks

The walls, floors and roof systems are completed, often referred to as the “shell.”

  • Frame walls, floors and roof
  • Windows and exterior doors installed
  • Roof shingles installed




Mechanical  2-3 Weeks

After the shell of the house is complete, we can begin adding in the first part of the home mechanics. Multiple county inspections are required at this stage.

  • Rough mechanicals: heating, AC, plumbing and electrical
  • Install exterior siding and trim


Interior Details – 3-4 Weeks

These interior details play a key role in significantly improving a home’s energy efficiency. One county inspection is required at this stage.

  • Insulation and sealant package completed
  • Drywall installed
  • Flooring installed
  • Cabinets and countertops installed
  • Interior trim and doors installed
  • Exterior and interior painting completed


Installation – 3-4 Weeks

Time to bring to bring this house to life and install everything from appliances to bathroom fixtures. Three county inspections are required at this stage

  • Final Mechanical installed: HVAC, plumbing and electric
  • All fixtures installed
  • Appliances installed
  • Capet, tile and wood floors intsalled

walk thru.jpeg

Finishing Touches – 2-3 Weeks

Your home is almost ready! Let’s take a final walk through and knock out the final check list so you can move in.

  • Final punch list
  • House thoroughly cleaned
  • Walk through orientation (approx. 1 week prior to closing)
  • Final walk through
  • Closing on the house


Welcome Home!

Congratulations! From our family to yours, we hope that this home becomes a safe retreat that is filled with happy, unforgettable memories. Enjoy.