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Builder Spotlight

How did you get started in this business?

(By: Chris Colman)

I actually started working in construction as a heavy equipment operator and framer nearly 40 years ago while going to Bible College to be a Minister. I later went into the ministry full time and was the lead pastor at quickly growing Christian church for 25 years. When my son Silas was attending College, he really wanted me go into the real estate business with him after he graduated. At the time Silas was going to College during the school year and working on commercial fishing boats in Alaska during the summers to save money for his first real estate purchase. In 2001, the timing was right for us to start our real estate business together. We began by purchasing houses to remodel and rent or sell. We successfully completed hundreds of total home renovation projects. Through that process, we spent a lot of time fixing the corners that were cut by the original builders. That gave us a different insight into the construction industry and a passion to take care of the details that make a house more functional, and longer lasting. As they say, it is easier to do things right the first time, so over the years we’ve transitioned into a company that designs and builds homes,  buildings and complete neighborhoods from the ground up.


What is it like to work together as a father-son team?

(By: Silas Colman)

I guess its unusual but we have always gotten along great and have enjoyed working  together from the beginning. Each of us have our own responsibilities and we have full trust in each other. My Dad, Chris manages the construction of the homes we build. He is great with people, both customers and tradesmen and builds each house as if it were for a family member or friend. I’m responsible for finding land, raising capital to acquire the land and then getting it through the subdivision process so we have lots to build on. We both have a lot of input into the design and overall theme of each project. One of our mottos has been 1+1=3. When people hear that, they may joke that we aren’t good at math. The truth is, we both have different skills sets and perspectives and when combined the value is much more than it would be if we were working separately.

What sets Copper Creek Builders apart from other builders?

(By: Silas Colman)

As a land development and construction company, we have to opportunity to impact the customer experience to a much greater degree than we could if we were just building a single house. With each of our residential projects, we begin with raw land, which is a blank canvass and we brainstorm ways we can make life better for the people who will live in our neighborhoods. We believe that people are happier when they have more opportunities to get outside and be active without having to drive across town. We also think there is a lot of value in bringing people together so we add features into our neighborhoods that give our customers more opportunities to do both of those things. In our neighborhoods we have things like community gardens, private neighborhood parks, walking trails and outdoor entertaining areas that all the residents can enjoy. Every house we build has a front porch so our customers have the


What do you do when you’re not working?

(By: Silas Colman)

Family time is really important to both of us and we both enjoy spending time outdoors. I like to cycle and recently completed Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. Chris runs and competes in trail races. I jokingly tell him, if he keeps racing, he’ll eventually win his age bracket. Chris recently celebrated his 36th wedding anniversary with my Mom Angela, which is something our entire family is very proud of. I just got married a few months ago and my new personal motto is “happy wife-happy life.” I feel blessed to have both.

What are your 2 favorite Energy Star features?

(By: Chris Colman)

My favorite energy star features are number one, the Navian Tankless Water Heater. It gives you unlimited hot water so you never have to take a cold shower and is much cheaper to operate because the unit only heats water when you need it. A regular hot water heater with a storage tank is constantly working to heat water in the tank, even when you don’t need it. I also really like the Nest Learning Thermostat because it learns the temperature settings you like in your home, then shows you how much energy you’re using and how you can use less without noticing the difference. We actually have a few teaching displays set up at our model home and on our website to explain in more detail the benefits of energy star construction.