After a great first afternoon with the Morris family we caught a good night’s sleep for a full day of exploring starting in the morning. We went to Doi Suthep temple that is located about 15 minutes outside of town on the top of a surrounding mountain. After breaking a sweat getting to the temple we took in the beautiful views of the city. It’s moments like these that make you realize how small you are in such a big world. Luckily, we caught this view on a very clear day so we were able to see you surrounding mountains as well as the valley.  After we were done at the temple be headed back home for a traditional Thai lunch. After lunch we decided to go to the local Tiger sanctuary in order to spend some time with some very big cats.  At the sanctuary you have the opportunity to go in the cages with the animals to pet them and interact with them. I’m a thrill-seeker so naturally I wanted to go in the cage with the largest tiger that they had on the property, but because of my height and weight I unfortunately was not able to go into the giant tiger’s cage or even the large tigers cage.  I guess they figured I’d make a tasty tiger snack.  Before we headed to the big cats we spent about half an hour playing with a young tiger who was just under a year-old. He was very playful and very loving, but also quite mischievous. A couple times I caught him nibbling on my leg. He was so small that it didn’t hurt, but give him a few years and that could become a problem. We also got to go into a cage with a male and female lion. These animals are so magnificent and in a cage with them really set in the adrenaline.  After we got our thrills for the day we headed home to an extremely delicious pasta dinner cooked by Nangsar and we went to bed nice and early so we could be ready for our trip to the orphanage Village in the morning.