New Construction update in the Grand Valley.

In a recent article by Phil Castle in The Business Times entitled, "Building confidence: Pace of home construction accelerates in the Grand Valley", Silas Colman of Copper Creek Builders says he “expects the land development and construction company he operates with his father, Chris, to complete 25 to 30 new homes this year. That’s about double the annual average for Copper Creek Builders.”

"Business is good", says Silas Colman

In his article and interviews with others in the building and real estate business the consensus is that Mesa County “hasn’t yet returned to the boom level that preceded the bust more than a decade ago… but that the“market has rebounded”.

Colman also said that Grand Junction residents make up the majority of his Copper Creek home buyers--from empty nesters looking to downsize to young couples. But in the article Colman also adds that folks are also moving to here from bigger cities like Denver and Salt Lake City, just to name a couple areas.

Father and son, “Chris and Silas Colman have worked in business together since 2002 as both developers and builders — a combination Silas Colman says has allowed them to design communities from scratch and better fit new homes into their surroundings, including the Copper Creek North development located near 25 and G Roads in Grand Junction. Copper Creek Builders offer two product lines. Homes sized at 1,400 to 2,200 square feet sell for $239,000 to $280,000. Homes sized at 1,600 to 3,000 square feet sell for $270,000 to $380,000, Silas Colman says.”



The bar of expectations has been raised with what today’s home buyers are looking for in a house.

Perhaps it’s all of the home shows like Fixer Upper and others that show what is possible and even promoting as the norm According to Colman, “all of our homes come with what might be considered upgrades elsewhere, including the latest design elements as well as energy saving construction, he says.”

"We have passion to deliver more."

In the same article, Castle quotes Kevin Bray, development coordinator at Bray Real Estate, who said, “Given growing demand for new housing, a growing supply will be needed, Bray says. The historical average for the Grand Valley is 1,000 new homes a year, more than the current pace. A shortage of available lots and the construction workers to build homes on them could pose challenges for builders, Bray says. Otherwise, the outlook for the industry remains upbeat. “It’s going to be a nice five or 10 years.””

Looking ahead, the future seems bright and busy for Chris and Silas Colman, as they foresee several more years of “solid growth” for the industry. They are just about sold out of Phase 1 in Copper Creek North and are starting infrastructure of Phase 2 which is expected to be finished in the fall of 2017 and ready for new home construction. Colman notes that they have a growing waiting list of people ready to reserve as soon as Phase 2 lots are released.

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