When it comes to choosing the entry sign to a new community, there are so many options to choose from! It can be granite (ordered from the same place you buy a gravestone), stucco, wood, flagstone etc. It can range in size from itty bitty, barely noticeable to large and in charge, “could barely get it off the semi-truck!” Then you have the option of adding water features, an assortment of lights, fake wildlife. You get the idea.

One of the reasons there are many options is because the entry sign is important! It’s one of the first features seen when pulling into a community and makes a big impact on the first impression. Not to mention, it will be seen by everyone who comes and goes, every single day. No pressure, right?

A few years ago, when I had to make a decision on what kind of entry feature to have for Copper Creek, I explored the above options but didn’t find anything that seemed original or unique. All of the signs were basically the same material and design with a different name on the front. I also had a hard time getting past the fact that I may have to buy our entry sign from the same place that may make my gravestone someday. Not exactly the symbol of new community and originality we were going for!

Fortunately, our landscape architect has a deep Rolodex and was able to recommend a unique option. He got us in touch with a rock sculptor, who has built “rock art” all over the world for many different types of projects. Let me explain what rock art is and why it is so great. Building artificial rock is a complex and extremely artistic process whereby a skilled sculptor & artist can create a rock feature out of concrete and sand. The rock artist that we hired needed only a picture of the massive chunk of granite that we’d like to have sitting in front of our community. From there he spent the next 8 days building and shaping the work of art that is now sitting at the entry way to Copper Creek North. Come by and take a look! 

In general terms, here is how the process works: First we excavated a deep hole in the ground for the footing, and then rebar was placed in the footing so concrete can be poured (much like the foundation of a home). Next the artist shaped a rebar frame to anchor on top of the footing. This frame acts like a skeleton and supports the shape and weight of the finished work. After that, the artist applies multiple layers of a mix of concrete with added sand. With each layer, he gradually sculpts the shape and features, creating more and more detail like rock fractures and outcroppings. The process of sculpting this rock took 5 full days by itself! The next step is adding the color coat and sealer. For this particular rock feature, we wanted something that looks ancient, almost mystical. We wanted it to look like it crashed down from the Mesa (the flat top mountain at the east end of the grand valley) thousands of years ago and has been aging ever since. In order to get that look, we added moss to the east face of the rock and some crevasses and cracks.  From that point on, the materials used are meant to age naturally over time, in the same way a natural rock would age when it is exposed to the elements.

After 8 full days of work we now have an incredible entry feature (not simply a sign) that looks like a massive chunk of ancient granite. It’s roughly 3 feet wide, 10 feet long and 6 feet high. A natural rock of this size would weigh around 31,000 pounds, which would make it challenging and pricey to transport and set, assuming you were even able to remove a rock like this from its natural setting in one piece.

At Copper Creek Builders, based in Grand Junction, Colorado our goal is to deliver our customers something unique and original. Not cookie cutter, not a knock off and not generic. With that said, we invite you to come out and have a look for yourself. The rock art may be worth the trip all by itself…at least that’s what the Daily Sentinel reporter thought!

And if you like this unique community, we do happen to have a few new construction houses left for sale. Our featured home is the Meadowlark plan, which has 3 bedrooms 2 ½ bathrooms, 1,738 square feet and features a large 3-car garage. It’s priced under appraised value at $270,500, giving it built in equity, and making it the best deal in the community right now.

Call in or stop by our on-site sales office for more information. We hope to see you in Copper Creek North!

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