"We at Copper Creek Builders view the building department as a key team member/consultant in the home building process."

My initial goal this week was to write a single post entitled "The 5 not-so-obvious questions to ask “the builder” before buying a new home" but when I started digging into the nitty-gritty of those questions, I felt it was appropriate to explain what a “code home” is. That explanation ended up being hard to fit into a single paragraph so with this post I’ll explain what a code home is and a little bit about how the local building depart takes great lengths to protect the health and safety of the public by setting and regulating a minimum standard of construction, or minimum code requirement. In the next post, I’ll cover certain areas where a builder can exceed the minimum code requirement in order to build a more comfortable and durable home.


What is a Code Home?

First of all, virtually all construction must adhere to a comprehensive set of building codes and standards, which are governed by local and state laws. Due to the cost and complexity of writing and maintaining these codes, state and local governments usually adopt nationally recognized model codes, often customizing them to fit with local construction practices, climate and geography. In addition to developing the codes, the local building department has an inspection system that helps ensure the building is being constructed according to the local building code and the construction plans that were approved before the builder started construction. Some builders see a builder department inspector as a force of evil, sent to their jobsite to harass them. That’s the completely wrong attitude and that kind of thinking only makes life more difficult for everyone involved.

We at Copper Creek Builders view the building department as a key team member/consultant in the home building process. They are a low cost insurance program and quality control measure that double checks our work to make sure no one in the process has made mistakes during the design or the construction of our homes. They are a fresh set of eyes that inspect every stage of the construction from the foundation to the finish line. When you buy a new home in Mesa County, you can have confidence that your home is built to the minimum standard of the building code in place in Mesa County. And while that’s a good start but it’s still just the bare minimum a builder can get away with. Just because you can get away without an engineered foundation or with using insulation from the stone age (batts) doesn’t mean you should! Simply put, a “code home” is a home built to the minimum standard allowed. You could also call it the “barely legal” home.

Performance Homes

Since day one, our company, Copper Creek Builders has gone to great lengths to build a home that is above average. We try to exceed the minimum code in as many areas as we can while still maintaining competitive pricing on our homes. The result is a higher quality home that is not only more durable but also more comfortable to live in and costs less money to operate (lower utility bills). In the next post I’ll highlight some of the specific areas where we go above the code minimum in the home building process.


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