We arrived in Chang Mai late afternoon and were greeted by Joni and Katherine Morse. My family has known Joni and his family for 10+ years. When my dad was in the ministry he worked closely with Joni and his missions work, but I’ve only had the opportunity to interact with Joni a handful of times. 

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After arriving we hit the ground running. Joni took Katherine (Joni and Nangsar’s daughter), Ashley, and I to a restaurant that looked on the buzzing city streets. The Thai custom is to order family style when going out to eat. The group gets a big dish of rice and then multiple other dishes that are shared among the group. It’s a genius idea because you get to try so much more especially when you are almost clueless when it comes to Thai food! 

After dinner we went to the Sunday walking street. Essentially this is a market that runs down the city and offers everything from souvenirs to food! You will also hear a lot of music, generally you see this from locals who are blind or possibly have some sort of disability. They sing/ play music for tips from people who are passing by. 

Day one in Chaing Mai was a success and I was excited to experience even more in the coming days!