There is something so rewarding arriving to your hotel after 33 hours of traveling! It was now 3 AM and we were calling it a day! I called my family and let them know we made it in safe and sound. 

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Working on the Copper Creek team is amazing because they value travel and see the importance in taking time to develop personally and professionally while being away from home. This makes being away from work much less stressful. 

We woke up bright and early the next morning around 7 AM so we decided to see the city. After finishing a delicious Thai breakfast filled with as much fruit and sticky rice one could eat we caught an Uber and rode about 30 min to The Grand Palace. A beautiful temple filled with intricate details. Our tour guide educated us on the symbols and meanings behind the Buddha statues and practices. Did I mention it was all outdoors and sweltering hot? To top it off my feet were still swollen after the long day of traveling and the heat was not helping. 

One of my travel essentials was my Life Straw water bottle. I could fill it up at the sink and because of the filtration system I didn’t have to worry about contaminated water. This bottle came in especially handy today because I was thirsty all day! 

After one day in Bangkok spent exploring the multitude of street markets and temples we packed up our things and got ready for our flight to Chang Mai in the morning! We were meeting the Morse family there and we would be staying with them and visiting the orphanage in a nearby town. I was so excited and nervous to visit. Nervous because I’ve never visited an orphanage before and I didn’t know how I would react. Only time would tell.