My journey was about to begin… I hardly got any sleep the day before because I was so excited for the day ahead. I flew out of grand Junction and was going to be meeting with my friend Ashley who I would be traveling with the next few weeks.

After making it to Denver we hopped on our first plane which would be about 12 hours to Japan. From Japan we would fly an additional seven hours to Bangkok Thailand. Everyone always talks about the glamorous parts travel, but no one talks about the exhausting hours spent getting to your destination. After hour 10 I was sore, tired, and uncomfortable! I was getting up and walking around, but you can only walk down the isle so many times before people start to think you’re up to something. After arriving safely in Japan we hustled over to our gate to catch the  flight to Thailand. 


Ashley and I booked our tickets separately so unfortunately we were not guaranteed seats together. Thankfully when we were leaving for our flight to Japan they were able to get us seats together for the long flight but could not guarantee seats together for the flight from Japan to Thailand. So one of the first things we did when we arrived in Japan was try to see if they could coordinate seats together. They ended up basically saying that we would have to do it ourselves once we got on the flight and see if other passengers would be willing to switch seats. I tried explaining that it was important for us to have seats together because I would need a little extra help. Apparently extra help and disability doesn’t quite translate as easily as I expected. So here I am, hour 22 of travel with patience as thin as a sheet of seaweed. 

On the plane our seats were about 20 rows apart from each other. We then waited for the person who would be sitting in the seat next to me. After a few minutes an American couple approached the seat. After a quick discussion it was apparent that they were not willing to switch. It was looking like it wasn’t going to work out and my emotions took over and the tears came. Keep in mind, I’m not a crier, but the frustration of multiple people refusing to accommodate was overwhelming and I was completely exhausted. If it wasn’t a long flight I wouldn’t have blinked, but 7 hours is a long time especially when every food item the airline gives you is baby proof and Naomi proof! In the end a super nice guy who over heard and understood the conversation switched his seat and with some shuffling it worked out. 

This small obstacle reminded me that traveling isn’t easy but the experience out weighs the hassle. It also reminded me that wherever you go you will meet really kind people and people who aren’t so nice, but it makes you appreciate the kind ones even more! 

Look for more blogs in the days to come....